platform for snowflake data warehouse.

Much more than a data catalog, CARVE is the fastest and most complete solution to administer, govern and democratize the data in your snowflake data warehouse.

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CARVE is a cloud native data solution that lets you get going faster than any other catalog or lineage tools on the market.

Key Features

Maximize your data literacy in snowflake with CARVE.

Advantages to Using CARVE

Whether you’re a seasoned data expert, or just getting started, CARVE Software unlocks the power of your data in snowflake.


CARVE provides visiblity into all of that data you have taken hours and hours to warehouse.


CARVE is the only cloud based data catalog built specifically for the Snowflake data warehouse.


With CARVE there is nothing to install. We are a fully SaaS solution.

Govern & Democratize

CARVE helps you with both data governance as well as data democratization efforts.


Without the need to install and configure software, you can simply sign up and start using CARVE.


At CARVE we believe that your catalog and data quality management solution should not cost more than your warehouse or data tools.

Sign up soon. *Access to the BETA is limited

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Find the right plan for your site

We're still working on pricing for our plans. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will fit you with the plan for you.

Save up to 10%
Starter $ TBD / mo.
5 Users
CARVE plan features
Daily job refreshes
Growth $ TBD / mo.
10 Users
CARVE plan features
Hourly job refreshes
Product Support
Pro $ TBD / mo.
50 Users
CARVE plan features
15 min job refreshes
Advanced Product Support
Enterprise $ TBD / mo.
More than 50 Users
Dedicated server resources
Unlimited job refresh schedules
Premium Product Support

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